Woyo stands behind each rotary screw air compressor we sell. We care about our customers, and do our best to meet their needs from the very beginning.

We listen to our customers, so that we may understand their needs.
We customize air compressors to meet customer's specific applications.
If a customer request it, we can provide a product catalogue and all relevant technical documents.
We go to our customers to commission their screw compressor.

We provide a one year limited warranty for our complete air compressor packages, with the only exception being consumable parts. Any damages incurred during the warranty period that requires repair or replacement will be taken care of, and we will either repair the part with an issue, or provide a replacement, free of charge. We will charge for repair and replacement after the warranty date. If customers require it, our technicians can also go on-site to your company to install and commission the compressor, as well as provide training to the machine operators.

Spare Parts Policy
We have a supply of parts for all air compressors we sell. Just tell us the part number, and we will ship the component as fast as possible.

Specialized Lubricating Oil for the GCU Compressor Air End
The quality of the lubricating oil makes all the difference between a durable and reliable compressor air end and one that breaks down after just a few uses. Though the GCU series air end is reliable and only consumes about half the amount of oil normally needed for an ordinary compressor, we still recommend customers try our specialty lubricating oil to ensure an even more stable and cost saving operation.