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With nearly 20 years of experience in the screw compressor business, Woyo, as a trusted Chinese industrial air compressor manufacturer, offers some of the best energy efficient rotary screw compressors on the market, supplying customers from all over the world. Though we now have a solid share of the market, our progression was slow and steady, and we now provide a complete range of air compressor products in 7 different series with different functions and features.

Our innovative and reliable rotary screw air compressors are a driving force behind a number of manufacturers, industries and vehicles that require a clean energy source. We take a great deal of pride in all of our products, including our electric air compressors.

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In May, Woyo Compressor Co., Ltd. was founded. The company started off by assembling small screw compressors.

In October, we bought 20,000 square meters of land within the Wuxi Mashan Industrial Park, where we then built a new factory and office building with 10,000 square meters of floor space.

In August, Woyo partnered with Wolker to form a Sino-German Corporation with the name Woyo Superdo Compressor Co., Ltd.

In June, the company built a new factory with 8,000 square meters to accommodate an increase in demand. This expansion attracted another German company (GASCOT) to join our team.

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  • CE Certificate for LVD Series Products
  • CE Certificate for MD Series Products
  • Screw compressor with heating unit
  • Improved air end design
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From our beginnings in 1996, here at Woyo, we have been aiming to stay at the forefront of the Chinese energy saving screw compressor industry. We build each rotary screw air compressor based on 4 core technologies that keep energy saving and environmental friendliness in mind. Customers come to us, knowing that our industrial air compressors will help keep their noise levels and operating costs low.

Woyo Core Technologies
1. The rotor profile is energy saving and efficient, and is covered under patent number 2012100873530X. Its advanced air end is rated at Grade 1 for energy efficiency.
2. The lubrication system control keeps the lubrication oil consumption in check. In the event of emergency stoppage, the system ensures no oil will be injected. The control mechanism also monitors the cleanliness, temperature, pressure and emulsification or coking degree concerning the lubricant.
3. An air passage control includes the inlet air valve and air passage resistance control.
4. A variable speed drive and sequencing module are included. (This is the built in ability to sequence multiple compressors.)

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Woyo is one of China's leading experts in compressed air systems, and we are known for our quality screw compressors and all related components. We have provided expert knowledge and air compressor products to many of the world's well known manufacturers, including Sullivan Palatek and Woker. Woyo's rotary screw air compressors have received 17 patents, another testament to our technical strength. We purchase top of the line machinery and inspection equipment and have introduced advanced production methods, some of which are listed as follows on our virtual factory tour.

  • Japanese NIGATA horizontal machining center
  • German Samputensili grinding machine
  • Assembly line
  • Inspection
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Established in the mid 1990's, Woyo is one of China's first privately owned screw compressor companies, and is the only Sino-German corporation in the Chinese rotary screw air compressor industry. Now that they are in their second decade of business, Woyo products remain at the forefront of affordable, small air compressors, screw compact units, and compressor air ends. More than 10,000 customers have come to us, allowing us to be their trusted industrial air compressor suppliers.

Technical Strength
Woyo hires expertly trained researchers and developers. In 2013, they built a research institute dedicated to the design of new, energy saving screw compressors and compressed air system solutions. They strive to stay up to date on the latest technology in energy efficient rotary profile design techniques, which has since become a unique trait to the company. Their 17 invention and utility model patents demonstrate their technical strength, as is their award of being a State-Level, High Tech Enterprise, something they have been awarded for 9 times.

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