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Screw Compressor Unit (Variable Frequency Drive)

The screw compressor unit with variable frequency drive has both variable frequency and power frequency. If there is any failure of the frequency converter, the screw compressor unit will be automatically switched to power frequency without influencing the normal running of the unit. This effectively solved the problem of abnormal running of the normal inverter compressor caused by failure of frequency converter.

Woyo carries out design, manufacturing and testing for each screw compressor according to strict standards. It adopts patented oil-injected screw compressor rotor uniformly provided by Woyo to ensure long term and stable running and to significantly reduce energy consumption. This can help customers with saving cost.

Type Motor power Working pressure Volume flow Noise Machine dimension Weight Outlet thread
7 2.5
HD15V 15 8 2.3 68 1000*700*900 400 G1
10 2
12.5 1.6
7 3.6
HD22V 22 8 3.5 68 1200*850*1180 430 G1
10 3.2
12.5 2.7
7 5.2
HD30V 30 8 5 72 1300*850*1180 445 G1-1/2
10 4.5
12.5 3.6
7 6.7
HD37V 37 8 6.3 73 1450*1000*1450 550 G1-1/2
10 5.8
12.5 4.6
7 8
HD45V 45 8 7.5 75 1450*1000*1450 600 G1-1/2
10 6.9
12.5 5.8
7 10.3
HD55V 55 8 9.8 75 1800*1230*1450 1000 G1-1/2
10 8.3
7 13.6
HD75V 75 8 12.6 75 2000*1450*1450 1200 G2
10 11.6
7 16.8
HD90V 90 8 16.4 75 2000*1450*1450 1350 G2
10 13.9
7 20.8
HD110V 110 8 20.6 76 2400*1500*1670 1500 G1-1/2
10 17
7 24.2
HD132V 132 8 23 76 2400*1500*1670 1800 G1-1/2
10 20.3

1. Airend
1) The airend adopted by this screw compressor can provide best linear velocity so that the air compressor is under running status with highest efficiency which is remarkably leading in the market.
2) This variable-speed air compressor adopts rotor with high rigidity which can prevent leakage and ensure long service life and reliable running.

2. Flexible coupled direct drive system
The air compressor adopts flexible coupling from international famous brand to carry out direct drive. The motor and airend are combined together so that the running is reliable and the drive efficiency is high.

3. Drive system
The drive system features high precision so that the transmission is highly efficient and reliable, thus ensuring long term and stable running.

4. Superior motor
1) The screw compressor adopts highly efficient motor of which the insulation grade can be F.
2) The IP544 fully sealed dust proof motor can run safely under severe working conditions.

5. Oil-gas separator
The screw compressor adopts three stage design which can reduce the pressure drop during air compressing so that the power consumption can be reduced. The oil content will be reduced by 17% in the compressed air. So the power consumption and maintenance cost of the compressed air can be reduced in the final treatment.

6. High efficiency cooler
The highly efficiency cooler can ensure the temperature of the lubricating oil is within the normal range even under high temperature and dusty environment. Thus it can ensure safety of the compressor.

7. Electric system
1) The electric system adopts professional wiring and high quality wire connectors. The wiring is reasonable, simple, clean and easy to maintain.
2) The main contactor adopts Siemens electrical apparatus elements to ensure reliable electric system.
3) It has good protecting function which can ensure reliable running of the compressor.

8. Reliable oil temperature control
1) The air compressor adopts temperature control valve from international famous brand so that the temperature of lubricating oil is within best range which can effectively protect the airend.
2) The temperature control valve and cooling fan are controlled jointly. So it can provide best oil temperature and reduced power consumption.

9. Variable frequency drive: energy saving control
The variable frequency drive screw compressor unit can precisely satisfy the air requirements of the users. When the air consumption is reducing, the speed can be adjusted to slow mode. And the gas emission is reduced as well. Meanwhile, the energy consumption is reduced in proportion to realize energy saving.

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