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Screw Air Compressor Unit (Permanent Magnet Motor, Variable Speed)

The screw air compressor with permanent magnet motor and variable speed adopts integrated screw air end. Compared with the normal screw compressor, there is no need of external pipes and joints which can reduce the internal resistance and pressure drop so that the thermal efficiency of the system can be higher. Meanwhile, the installation cost is also reduced. And the compressor unit features compact structure, small size and light weight.

Type Motor power Working pressure Volume flow Noise Machine dimension Weight Outlet thread
V5 5.5 7 0.8 65 850*700*1100 206 G3/4
8 0.7
10 0.6
12.5 0.4
V7 7.5 7 1.1 65 850*700*1100 223 G3/4
8 1
10 0.8
12.5 0.6
V11 11 7 1.6 67 850*700*1100 230 G1
8 1.5
10 1.4
12.5 1.2
V15 15 7 2.5 68 950*800*1100 317 G1
8 2.3
10 2
12.5 1.6
V22 22 7 3.6 69 950*800*1100 317 G1-1/2
8 3.5
10 3.2
12.5 2.7

1. Compared with the normal asynchronous motor, the screw air compressor with permanent magnet motor and variable speed is smaller in size, lighter in weight and features lower consumption because it requires no exciting winding. Then the heat is reduced and the efficiency is improved so the energy saving is more remarkable. For low speed running, the lighter the load is, the higher the power factor is. For normal asynchronous motor, the lower the speed is, the lower the power factor is. So the screw air compressor features incomparable comprehensive energy saving.

2. The volume of the screw air compressor is only 1/3 of that of the normal asynchronous motor. Meanwhile, the installation of independent cooling fan is not required as the normal asynchronous motor. The power consumption caused by the fan can be reduced.

3. The motor shaft of the screw air compressor forms an integral part with the male rotor of the air end of the compressor. The transmission efficiency is 100%. There is no need of motor bearings so the abrasion of the motor shaft can be avoided. And there is 2%-3% loss of the transmission efficiency in normal asynchronous motor.

4. This air compressor is made of high performance permanent magnet, especially the NdFeB material with high magnetic flux density, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. There will be no loss of excitation even under 120 degrees. And the service life can be up to 15 years.

5. The screw compressor adopts frequency converter and intelligent controller which can realize the functions such as soft start, constant pressure air supply, noise reduction and energy saving. During the running of the compressor, the motor current will not exceed the full load current. Meanwhile, the shock to the equipment in the grid will be greatly reduced. So there will be no damage to the electric equipment.

6. Under the same working condition, the screw air compressor with permanent magnet motor can save 5% power greater than the normal variable frequency screw air compressor and 20% power greater than the normal compressor.

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