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In May, Woyo Compressor Co., Ltd. was founded. The company started off by assembling small screw compressors.

In October, we bought 20,000 square meters of land within the Wuxi Mashan Industrial Park, where we then built a new factory and office building with 10,000 square meters of floor space.

In August, Woyo partnered with Wolker to form a Sino-German Corporation with the name Woyo Superdo Compressor Co., Ltd.

In June, the company built a new factory with 8,000 square meters to accommodate an increase in demand. This expansion attracted another German company (GASCOT) to join our team.

In June, we introduced new machining and measuring equipment, including a Ninada horizontal machining center, a Sharp coordinate measuring machine and a Klingelnberg grinding machine.

In May we began to produce rotary screws and air ends for air compressors sold by us.

In April, Woyo's products went on display at the Hanover Messe exhibition.

In August, the GCU30 series screw compact unit received a patent. Standard GCU screw compact units were then officially put into mass production.

In April, Woyo's products were showcased in the Hanover Messe Exhibitions again.

In May, our trademark WOLXAIR was registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich. In September, the on-board compressor received a Chinese patent.

In April, Woyo products were displayed at the Hanover Messe Exhibitions for a third time.

Our vision
We strive not only to meet customer expectations, but we also strive to exceed them. We aim to mold Woyo into an outstanding brand for small air compressors and customized compressed air systems.