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Factory Visit

Woyo is one of China's leading experts in compressed air systems, and we are known for our quality screw compressors and all related components. We have provided expert knowledge and air compressor products to many of the world's well known manufacturers, including Sullivan Palatek and Woker. Woyo's rotary screw air compressors have received 17 patents, another testament to our technical strength. We purchase top of the line machinery and inspection equipment and have introduced advanced production methods, some of which are listed as follows on our virtual factory tour.

  • Japanese NIGATA horizontal machining center
  • German Samputensili grinding machine
  • Assembly line
  • Inspection
  • Warehouse
  • Training
  • Exhibition
  • American Brandsharp coordinate measuring machine
  • Compressor air end
  • Preparatory work prior to cleaning the air end
  • Cleaning compressor air end at high temperature and pressure
  • Air end inspection