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Environmental Protection

From our beginnings in 1996, here at Woyo, we have been aiming to stay at the forefront of the Chinese energy saving screw compressor industry. We build each rotary screw air compressor based on 4 core technologies that keep energy saving and environmental friendliness in mind. Customers come to us, knowing that our industrial air compressors will help keep their noise levels and operating costs low.

Woyo Core Technologies
1. The rotor profile is energy saving and efficient, and is covered under patent number 2012100873530X. Its advanced air end is rated at Grade 1 for energy efficiency.
2. The lubrication system control keeps the lubrication oil consumption in check. In the event of emergency stoppage, the system ensures no oil will be injected. The control mechanism also monitors the cleanliness, temperature, pressure and emulsification or coking degree concerning the lubricant.
3. An air passage control includes the inlet air valve and air passage resistance control.
4. A variable speed drive and sequencing module are included. (This is the built in ability to sequence multiple compressors.)

Four Key Components
1. High-efficiency air end.
2. Powerful motor
3. Integrated design for a minimized flow resistance (This incorporates air filters, oil filters, and the oil and air separator.)
4. Operating mode: constant pressure at a variable speed. (Woyo's VSD air compressor delivers air on command.)

Three Benefits
1. Low noise
2. Reduced oil consumption
3. Eco-friendly air cooling system.