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Company Profile

With nearly 20 years of experience in the screw compressor business, Woyo, as a trusted Chinese industrial air compressor manufacturer, offers some of the best energy efficient rotary screw compressors on the market, supplying customers from all over the world. Though we now have a solid share of the market, our progression was slow and steady, and we now provide a complete range of air compressor products in 7 different series with different functions and features.

Our innovative and reliable rotary screw air compressors are a driving force behind a number of manufacturers, industries and vehicles that require a clean energy source. We take a great deal of pride in all of our products, including our electric air compressors.

We have proven our advanced position with a highly experienced team of research and developing staff. Thanks to them, we have been awarded 17 invention and utility model patents. We also manufacture our products in accordance to ISO9001-200, CE and UL certifications, allowing our products to be sold on the European, South American and North American markets as well.

Our strength also comes from partnerships with great companies such as Wolker, Gascot, Silo Air, and Sullivan Palateck, by supplying them with customized small air compressors and air compressor ends.