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Partners Introduction
  • WOYO CEO Mr. He together with his German partners
  • C10 industrial air compressor for Sullivan Palatek

Woyo industrial air compressors are the driving force behind a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, coal, batteries, casting, electricity, glass, steel, cement, and fertilizer manufacturing. We have over 10,000 clients scattered around the globe that are using our rotary screw air compressors to provide clean, compressed air for their applications. We have been supplying customized small air compressors and compressor air ends to many internationally known manufacturers, including Wolker, GASCOT, Silo Air, and Sullivan Palatek. The electric air compressors are widely used in electric buses manufactured by Chinese companies.

Customers in USA
1.Sullivan Palatek: Michigan City
2.Dflidacas: Texas

Customers in Germany
2. Walker Druckluft-Technik GMBH
3. Silo Air GMBH

Customers in China

Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Beijing Haiderun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Jiante Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Modern Hasen (Shangqiu) Ltd.
Grains/Food Wudeli Group
Gujing Group
State Grain Reserve Depot Co., Ltd.
Coal Wuhai Shenhua Junzheng Coal Industry Group
Kailuan Coal Industry Group
Tangshan Guohua Resource Equipment Co., Ltd.
Battery Nandu Huayu Power Supply Co., Ltd.
Anhui Zhongneng Power Supply Co., Ltd.
Chaowei Power Holdings Ltd.
Casting Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Dalv Casting Co., Ltd.
Qidong Xinglongyuan Ruifu Casting Co., Ltd.
Electricity China Salt AnHui Salt Chemical Holding Co., Ltd.
Weihai Weiqiao Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd.
Xinxian County Huaxiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
Glass Qingdao Cngrow Technology Glass Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Heishan Glass Group
Zhangjiagang Yangguang Tempered Glass Co., Ltd.
Steel Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
Xuanhua Iron & Steel Group
Xuzhou Jinhong Steel Group Co., Ltd.
Cement Dongkou Weibai Cement Co., Ltd.
West Ujimqin Hadatu Cement Co.,Ltd.
Hainan Chahei Cement Factory
Agriculture/Fertilizer Henan XLX Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.
Jilin Changshan Chemical Fertilizer Group Co., Ltd.
Shache Baizhenzhu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.