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Rotary Screw Air Compressor (Tank Mounted Compressor)

If you open a factory in a residential area, you want to prevent complaints from the neighborhood about noise. For a reliable and quiet performance in limited spaces, the rotary screw air compressor is an ideal compressed air solution for your industrial process. With a low noise level at 65dB, this industrial air compressor operates quietly.

A quick look at the GS series rotary screw air compressor makes it simple, rectangular housing on top of a tank obvious. A closer inspection reveals that it is a small-scale air compressor station. Consisting of a freeze dryer, two-stage filter, precision rotary screw and the storage tank, the tank mounted compressor provides a constant air supply that is clean and free of dust, oil and water.

Its simple belt driven design ensures air compression efficiency and effective cost control. The compact structure, stability, long service life, and limited repair and maintenance needs ensures customers get the best value for their money. The GS series rotary screw air compressor is also suitable for low noise industrial applications.

Technical Specifications of GS Series Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Model Code Operating Pressure
Volumetric Flow Rate
Motor Power
Stank Capacity
Pipe Outlet Diameter G/ Weight (kg)
GS6 7~10 0.8/0.7/0.6 5.5/7.5 65 270 1450*600*1530 3/4" 490
GS8 7~10 1.1/1/0.8 7.5/10 65 270 1450*600*1530 3/4"500
GS11 7~10 1.6/1.5/1.4 11/15 65 270 1450*600*1530 3/4" 540
GS15 7~10 2.5/2.3/2 15/20 68 500 1560*900*1600 1" 700
GS18 7~10 3/2.9/2.7 18.5/25 68 500 1560*900*1600 1" 810
GS22 7~10 3.6/3.5/3.2 22/30 68 500 1560*900*1600 1" 830

**Note: The above mentioned models are for reference only, and we can provide customized models based on customer specifications.


Remote control/On-site control
RS-485 communication, supporting MODBUSRTU protocol
Linkage mechanism/Computer-based centralized control
Oil filter (time set-point entry)
Air filter (time set-point entry)
Oil and air separator (time set-point entry)
Lubricating oil(time set-point entry)
Lubricating grease (time set-point entry)
Belt (time set-point entry)
Motor protection (overload, phase loss, imbalance, over-voltage, under-voltage)
Blower overload protection
Low temperature protection
Discharged air over-temperature protection
Screw reverse rotation protection
Air supply over-pressure protection
Sensor failure protection

Display, Alarm, Interlock (power failure protection)

Items Displays Alarms Interlock Note
Oil filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Air filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Oil and air separator (time set-point entry) √HA

Phase order protection
Discharge end temperature √HA
Discharge end pressure

Thermocouple failure
Startup Timeout
Fan failure

Main unit failure
Air supply temperature

Alarm Record

Operating Time

Integrated Control

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