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Rotary Screw Air Compressor (Low Noise)

Quiet air compressor

Noise from rotary screw air compressors can be overwhelming and annoy those around you. When that happens, it is time to change the squeaky, rattling compressor and replace it with something quieter.

This page details our extremely low noise rotary screw air compressor. As the unit takes up very little floor space, users can easily transport it to a high landing in your manufacturing floor with the use of an elevator. As a popular industrial air compressor, this machine is commonly used for electronics industries, toy industries and mobile phone industries.

The rotary screw air compressor is CE certified, meaning it is in full compliance with EU legislations and can be sold on the European market.

1. Rotary screw mechanism
2. Storage tank for oil and gas
3. Air filter, oil filter, oil and air separator
4. Inlet valve, temperature control valve, minimum pressure valve, safety valve
5. Oil and gas cooling system

The Wolkair rotary screw mechanism comes with an independent cooling system. As it is manufactured in one piece, the screw system does not use any pipe fittings. This modular design allows for easy set up and disassembly, which facilitates repair, cleaning and maintenance. Made from fluororubber, the quality O-rings ensure that no leakage occurs at the joint between modules. Both the built in and external oil and air separators are used to control the oil carryover below a 2PPM limit.

IE3 industrial motors have a range of different voltages: 230V, 380V, 420V, 460V, 575 V, and 660V, all at either 50 or 60Hz frequencies.

The operating status of the rotary screw air compressor is closely monitored. Information, including the voltage, current, temperature, and frequencies are clearly displayed. Multiple protection capabilities are also available, including electrical ground and short circuit protection.

A painted inlet valve has been tested to provide 300,000 operation rounds without failing, even under high temperatures and humidity.

WOYO Customer Base
Customers in the USA
1. Sullivan Palatek: Michigan City
2. Dflidacas: Texas

Customers inGermany
2. Walker Druckluft-Technik GMBH
3. Silo Air GMBH

Technical Specifications of Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Model HP Sound SCFM @ 145 PSI SCFM @ 116PSI Length Width Height Weight (kg) Exit
ME7.5 7.5 63 26.13 28.96 630 630 1150
ME10 10 64 33.9 38.1 630 630 1150

**Note The above model is for reference only. We can customize compressors based on your specific requirements.


Remote control/On-site control
RS-485 communication, supporting MODBUSRTU protocol
Linkage mechanism/Computer-based centralized control
Oil filter (time set-point entry)
Air filter (time set-point entry)
Oil and air separator (time set-point entry)
Lubricating oil(time set-point entry)
Lubricating grease (time set-point entry)
Belt (time set-point entry)
Motor protection (overload, phase loss, imbalance, over-voltage, under-voltage)
Blower overload protection
Low temperature protection
Discharged air over-temperature protection
Screw reverse rotation protection
Air supply over-pressure protection
Sensor failure protection

VI. Display, Alarm, Interlock (power failure protection)

Items Displays Alarm Interlock Note
Oil filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Air filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Oil and air separator (time set-point entry) √HA

Phase order protection
Discharge end temperature √HA
Discharge end pressure

Thermocouple failure
Startup Timeout
Fan failure

Main unit failure
Air supply temperature

Alarm Record

Operating Time

Integrated Control

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