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Air Compressor Parts

    1. Rotary Screw We can reverse engineer your rotary screw. (The rotor design and improvements will be done based on the rotor sample or design software given to us.)
      We will develop milling and inspection tools needed to manufacture rotary screws.
    1. Screw Air EndNo matter what you order from us, including the VSD air compressor, single screw compressor, double screw compressor, belt driven gas compressor, on board air compressor or the industrial air compressor, Woyo can supply what you need.
    1. Screw Compact UnitScrew compact is now covered by a patent (number ZL200810025355), it is an oil injected air end, which means its assembly includes the oiled rotors and their housing.

As a Chinese manufacturer of small air compressors and on-board air supply systems, Woyo hires expertly trained research and development teams, putting them to work on customized air compression solutions. With nearly 2 decades of hands on experience, we have a solid footing in the rotary screw air compressor industry. As an ISO9001-200 certified company, customers can rest assured that they are buying excellent products from us. Many of our screw compressors are UL and CE certified, allowing them to be sold in Europe, South America and North America, along with other countries around the world. In addition to quality, eco-friendly industrial air compressors, we also have a complete stock of rotary screws and air ends to match specific makes and models of screw compressors our customers have. We've supplied over 10,000 compressor users extra air compressor parts. For further details, please browse the specific product page, or contact us directly.