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Screw Compact Unit

Our screw compact units were patented on April 28, 2012 and was a cause for celebration. This patent is a testament to our relentless commitment to technological innovations. As the screw compact is now covered by a patent (number ZL200810025355), it is an oil injected air end, which means its assembly includes the oiled rotors and their housing.

As a dedicated manufacturer of small air compressors, we provide compressed air system solutions. To better serve our customers, the company keeps various air compressor parts in stock. The GCU series screw compact is one of them, and benefits from using this compact compressor air end are listed below.

1. The compact air end combines 9 parts into one unit, reducing the number of external tubes needed. The simpler design is not only easier to maintain, but it also decreases a resistance to air flow. With its lightweight ad compact structure, the screw compact unit is efficient.
2. Rotors and their housing is from Germany, ensuring a quiet and highly efficient operation.
3. A built in two stage cyclone separator and a large capacity external oil and gas separator effectively control the oil consumption rate under a 1PPM limit.
4. A return oil filter is also incorporated inside the rotor housing. It scrapes dust and other contaminates off the returning oil, which ensures the return oil pipeline is clog free.
5. All parts can be taken apart for maintenance.
6. With an added heating and cooling system, the GCU screw compact unit can operate properly on a car air compressor where extreme temperatures may be experienced.

A. Air End: The optimized screw rotor profile, SKF bearing, Elring PTFE double lip shaft seal and precision machined rotor housing all combine to create a powerful performance.

B. Safety Valve: It is imported from Germany.

C. Separator Tank: The unique separator tank and return oil filter are made from chemically treated castings that resist high pressure, disperse heat quickly, and muffle the noise of rushing air and oil.

D. Inlet Control System: The inlet control system can come with a variety of silencer filters, patented inlet air valves, and BURKERT solenoid valves. Options also include a pressure differential indicator from MANN brands.

E. Oil and Air Separator: Imported from Germany.

F. Minimum Pressure Valve: Imported from Germany

G. Temperature Control Valve: Imported from Germany.

H. Air Filter: Imported from Germany.

I. Oil Filter: Imported from Germany.

Technical Specifications

Type Recommended Motor
Power (min. - max.)
Max. Flow Rate
at 7 barg @ 100 psig
Pressure Range
min.* - max.
Net Weight
Unit kw hp m3/min cfm Bar(g) psi(g) kg lbs
GCU10 5.5-7.5 7.5-10 1.16 41 6-13 87-188 40 88
GCU11 5.5~11 7.5~15 1.6 57 6~13 87~188 65 143
GCU13 11 15 1.8 64 6-13 87-188 42 92
GCU30 15~22 20~30 3.5 123 6~13 87~188 103 227
GCU33 15-18.5 20-25 2.98 105 6-13 87-188 137 302
GCU55 30~45 40~60 7 247 6~13 87~188 180 396
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