Screw Air End

As a sino-German corporation, Woyo takes pride in our commitment to supplying manufactures around the world with quality compressor air ends. Our engineers have over 4 decades of experience, which means they know what they are doing.

The rotors and their housing are called the air end. With a primary focus on research, development and production of quality air compressor ends, we want each customer to have a durable, efficient, and eco-friendly screw compressor that will bring continued profits for decades to come.

No matter what you order from us, including the VSD air compressor, single screw compressor, double screw compressor, belt driven gas compressor, on board air compressor or the industrial air compressor, Woyo can supply what you need. Simply call us if you would like a customized compressor air end.

Rotor Profile Optimization: Each rotor, otherwise known as a rotary screw, has its profile optimized to meet the Grade 1 Energy Label. The uniquely designed rotor can maintain its peak performance, even under harsh conditions.

Rotor Machining: Each precision rotor is machined and thoroughly tested using advanced grinding and inspection tools.

Bearings: Our quality thrust bearings are from well-known brand such as SKF and FAG brands.

Shaft Seal and Shaft Sleeve: A double lip shaft seal and shaft sleeves are from the Elringklinger company.

Technical Specifications

Type Recommended motor
power min. - max.
Max. flow rate
at 7 barg / 100 psig
Pressure range
min.* - max.
Net weight
Unit kw hp m3/min cfm Bar (g) psig kg lbs
GU6 3~5.5kw 4~7.5hp 0.76 27 6~15 87~217 9 20
GU8 4~5.5kw 5.5~7.5hp 0.76 27 6~15 87~217 14 31
GU11 5.5~11kw 7.5~15hp 1.6 57 6~15 87~217 19 42
GU15 7.5~15kw 10~20hp 2.3 81 6~15 87~217 21 46
GU30 15~22kw 20~30hp 3.6 124 6~15 87~217 30 66
GU30L 15~22kw 20~30hp 3.8 134 6~15 87~217 36 79
GU37 18.5~30kw 25~40hp 4.2 148 6~15 87~217 52 115
GU55 30~45kw 40~60hp 7 247 6~15 87~217 80 176

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