Rotary Screw

As a Chinese screw compressor manufacturer, we not only provide various air compressor products, but we also keep a full inventory of air compressor parts. This page focuses on the rotary screw. Depending on the compressor type where a helical screw is used (standard, refrigeration, or gas compressors) we can customize a high precision rotor accordingly. The scope of the rotary screw design service covers the following 3 aspects:

1. We can reverse engineer your rotary screw. (The rotor design and improvements will be done based on the rotor sample or design software given to us.)
2. We will develop milling and inspection tools needed to manufacture rotary screws.
3. Prototyping and trial productions will also be carried out.

Woyo Manufacturing Process: We have joined forces with a German partner to develop quality rotary screws. Our partners have a fully outfitted lab, equipped with world-leading equipment, some of which is listed below.

1. Top-of-the-line, high-precision gantry type coordinate measuring machine
2. High-precision 3D laser scanner
3. Articulated measuring arm
4. Portable laser scanner
5. Optical scanner
6. Laser scanner for large space scanning purpose
7. Image measurement system
8. Other advanced and general-purpose measuring tools

In conjunction with our partner, Woyo uses world class industrial CT scanning systems to perform various touch measuring tasks, such as measuring of interior dimensions, without causing any damage to the air compressor parts that are being measured.

Precise Measurement: A high precision CNC grinding machine performs accurate measurements on the fly. A gantry style coordinate measuring machine double checks the measuring results.

Rotor Profile: The profile of the rotary screw is optimized to perform at a Grade 1 Energy Label. An optimized rotor design ensures maximum performances even under extreme working conditions.

Rotor Machining: Advanced German grinding machines and inspection tools are used to ensure each rotor is machined to a tight tolerance.

About Reverse Engineering: Our reverse engineering process that takes an existing air compressor or its component and measures it, then analyzes and reconstructs it as a 3D model. It does not produce a copy, but rather, an improved model.

Quality reverse engineering and product modification work requires an in depth understanding of the sample structure, mechanical design, and the software that will produce the new product. The process involves a wide array of technologies. By teaming with our German partners, coupled with our hands on experience and expertise in the business, Woyo has what it takes to create your next reverse engineering project.

Reverse Engineering Services
1. Reverse Engineered Rotary Screws: This service requires customers to provide us with physical samples of their rotors. Through a measuring, drawing and analysis process, an optimized rotor is created. All aspects related to the sample will be reverse engineered. This includes functions, performance, structures materials and related technical drawings. Air compressor parts other than rotors that can be reverse engineered include the housing and the air end (in the assembly of rotors and their housing).
2. Reverse Engineering Rotary Screw Design Software: Rotary design software covers product samples, technical samples, design manuals, user guides, technical drawings and related regulations and standards.

Software Reverse Engineering includes 3 types
1. Software available with a matching physical sample
2. Physical sample only
3. Complete or partial software provided with no real samples.

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**Note: Woyo does not reverse engineer a product that has been patented by another company.

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