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Rotary Screw Air Compressor (Economical Type)

Welcome to Woyo, where we provide customers all over the world with standard rotary screw air compressors and customized air compressor solutions. They know that we will make every effort possible to meet each and every one of their needs. This page details the MD series rotary screw air compressor, which is ranked at the top of its class for efficiency, cost savings and customer preference. As a best seller for ten consecutive years, the MD series economy air compressor is known for its stability and its less than 1% failure rate within the warranty period. On average, we sell more than 100 units annually.

The MD 22 model rotary screw air compressor promises incredible cost savings. Assuming this belt-driven air compressor is used for 7,000 hours a year, the total cost for replacement filters, lubricating oil and other consumable parts is as low as $395 per unit.

1. Rotary Screw
The GU series belt driven rotary screw is a Wolkair brand, imported from Germany. As it is designed to run at a fixed speed, this belt-driven rotary mechanism allows for easy belt adjustments. With just a couple modifications, the drive system can accommodate a built in large capacity oil and air separator to control the oil carryover at less than 3 PPM.

2. IE2/IE3 Industrial Motor
Optional Voltages: 230V, 380V, 420V, 460V, 575V, 660V
Optional Frequency: 50 Hz or 60Hz.

3. The rotary screw air compressor comes with a monitoring system that keeps the compressor's operating status in check, displaying operational information including voltages, currents, temperature, and frequency. Various protections are available, including electrical ground and short-circuit protection.

4. A patented inlet valve has been tested to provide 300,000 rounds of operations at high temperatures and humidity without failing.

Technical Specifications of MD Series Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Model Code Operating Pressure
Volumetric Flow Rate
Motor Power
Noise dB(A) Dimensions Diameter of Discharge Pipe G Weight (kg)
MD11 7/8/10 1.6/1.5/1.4 11/15 65 730×670×1000 G3/4 200
MD15 7/8/10 2.5/2.3/2 15/20 68 870×850×1320 G3/4 350
MD18.5 7/8/10 3/2.9/2.7 18.5/25 68 870×850×1320 G1 370
MD22 7/8/10 3.6/3.5/3.2 22/30 68 870×850×1320 G1 405
MD30 7/8/10 5.2/5.0/4.5 30/40 70 1130×1110×1400 G1-1/2 715
MD37 7/8/10 6.7/6.3/6 37/50 75 1130×1110×1400 G1-1/2 770


Remote control/On-site control
RS-485 communication, supporting MODBUSRTU protocol
Linkage mechanism/Computer-based centralized control
Oil filter (time set-point entry)
Air filter (time set-point entry)
Oil and air separator (time set-point entry)
Lubricating oil(time set-point entry)
Lubricating grease (time set-point entry)
Belt (time set-point entry)
Motor protection (overload, phase loss, imbalance, over-voltage, under-voltage)
Blower overload protection
Low temperature protection
Discharged air over-temperature protection
Screw reverse rotation protection
Air supply over-pressure protection
Sensor failure protection

Display, Alarm, Interlock (power failure protection)

Items Display Alarm Interlock Note
Oil filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Air filter (time set-point entry) √HA

Oil and air separator (time set-point entry) √HA

Phase order protection
Discharge end temperature √HA
Discharge end pressure

Thermocouple failure
Startup Timeout
Fan failure

Main unit failure
Air supply temperature

Alarm Record

Operating Time

Integrated Control

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