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Why Us

Established in the mid 1990's, Woyo is one of China's first privately owned screw compressor companies, and is the only Sino-German corporation in the Chinese rotary screw air compressor industry. Now that they are in their second decade of business, Woyo products remain at the forefront of affordable, small air compressors, screw compact units, and compressor air ends. More than 10,000 customers have come to us, allowing us to be their trusted industrial air compressor suppliers.

Technical Strength
Woyo hires expertly trained researchers and developers. In 2013, they built a research institute dedicated to the design of new, energy saving screw compressors and compressed air system solutions. They strive to stay up to date on the latest technology in energy efficient rotary profile design techniques, which has since become a unique trait to the company. Their 17 invention and utility model patents demonstrate their technical strength, as is their award of being a State-Level, High Tech Enterprise, something they have been awarded for 9 times.

6 Core Technologies
1. Integrated air end technology (patent number: ZL2008 10025355.0)
2. Railroad car screw compressor technology (patent number: 2012100873530X)
3. Energy saving, efficient rotor profile technology (patent number: 2012100873530X)
4. Compressor lubricating system control technology, solving the problems listed: huge oil consumption, oil injection during emergency stops (oil injected from the inlet air valve, lubricating oil emulsification due to a low temperature, lubricating oil coking due to a high temperature, and dirty lubricating oil)
5. Screw compressor airline system control technology: inlet air valve and airline resistance control
6. Screw compressor variable speed control: a sequencing module (Sequence capacity for the control of a number of compressors)

Quality Control
Woyo uses world class Klingelinberg grinding machines, Ninada horizontal machining centers, and Sharp coordinate measuring machines to ensure each compressor component is manufactured as precisely as possible. We follow strict ISO9001:2000 qulaity management system standards, which we are fully certified for. Many of our products are CE and UL certified, allowing our air compressor packages to sell on European, North and South American markets.

Service Support
Woyo keeps an experienced service team on staff to take care of customer needs every step of the way. We keep an inventory of parts for each rotary screw air compressor, and make user guides for every part and complete air compressor package. We also include breakdown drawings, a spare parts checklist (with corresponding part numbers and pricing clearly indicated), and repair and maintenance videos that users can download on their cell phones. Our service representatives will be with you ever step of the way, for the entire lifecycle of your industrial air compressor